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Tourists in Cappadocia Flock to Underground Cities to Escape Soaring Temperatures


Famed for its fairy chimneys and natural rock formations, the tourist region of Cappadocia is seeing visitors preferring to explore the area's underground cities due to above-average air temperatures.

Derinkuyu, Kaymakli, Ozkonak, Tatlarin, Mazi, and Kayasehir, among the many underground cities in Cappadocia, are becoming the top attractions for tourists in recent days.

In Nevsehir, where temperatures exceed 35 degrees Celsius, tourists venturing into these underground cities, a labyrinth of tunnels and rooms bearing traces of historical civilizations, embark on a historical journey while also escaping the oppressive heat.



Özay Onur, President of the Nevsehir Tourist Guides Chamber, told an AA correspondent that these underground cities, carved from rock dozens of meters below ground, provide a cool environment in summer and a warm one in winter.

Noting that local and foreign tourist groups create a significant influx in these underground cities, Onur said, "The air temperature is high. In the underground cities, the temperature stays between 16-18 degrees year-round. Our guests from abroad encounter a natural air-conditioned environment and find comfort here. We guide our guests through Cappadocia in three ways. They can explore the region from underground, from the ground, and from the sky in a hot air balloon. These underground cities date back to as early as 1800 BC. We know that these areas were used during war times in past civilizations. The structures, carved out of tuff rocks, provide a cool environment for visitors."



Chinese tourist Chen Gong, who has been in Cappadocia for 2 days, stated that they particularly visit the underground cities during noon hours, saying, "We came here because it's cool after walking around the outdoor areas. Cappadocia is a very beautiful place. I recommend everyone to see this geographical area."

Indian tourist Rajesh Narang expressed his delight at experiencing different seasons in different areas on the same day, saying, "Walking inside these caves is a wonderful feeling. This experience made me very happy. Cappadocia is an invaluable place. You can struggle to walk in the hot weather and experience the cool air. It's nice to know that such a region exists on our planet."

American tourist Anderson Morris noted that the underground cities are naturally air-conditioned, contrasting the hot weather outside, and he enjoys touring underground. (AA)


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