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Antalya Resort Organizes Unique Ice Party to Beat the Heat

Antalya hotel summer pool entertainment

In response to last month's intense heatwave which saw temperatures soar to 44.5 degrees Celsius, hotels in the popular tourist city of Antalya have been on the hunt for innovative solutions to keep their guests cool. Coupled with the soaring temperatures, the city has also seen humidity levels reaching a stifling 85% as August kicked in.

Despite the blistering conditions, both local and international tourists continue to flock to the city. The Megasaray Club Belek, located in the Belek Tourism Center in the district of Serik, found a creative solution to help guests combat the heat: they introduced ice blocks to the swimming pools where holidaymakers relax.

At the event, pre-prepared blocks of ice of various sizes were released into the pool. The initiative resulted in vibrant scenes, with large crowds gathering around the pool area. Vacationers not only had a blast playing with the ice blocks but also relished the refreshing relief they brought from the heat.



The resort went all out to ensure guests had an unforgettable experience. Hotel-employed dancers delivered special performances, a foam party was organized, and a DJ entertained guests. Moreover, an icy fruit and drink service was available at designated spots around the pool.

Several activities were organized for the guests, including a competition to see who could sit on the ice the longest, which tourists thoroughly enjoyed.



German tourist Nico Bohlaender shared his experience, saying, "The ice party was wonderful. Where we live in Germany, the temperature is around 15 degrees. Here, the weather is splendid. Sitting on the ice and cooling off in this heat was fantastic."

Yılmaz Şanlı, who traveled from Berlin to Antalya for his vacation, commented on the city's heat. "The air, the sea, and the pool are all very warm. Our hotel added ice to the pool today. It was delightful and really helped us cool down," Şanlı said.

Another tourist, Inna Orlova, praised the hotel for its imaginative approach to cooling down. She remarked on how the ice blocks effectively mitigated the impact of Antalya's hot and humid conditions. (AA)


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