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Çelebi Aviation Introduces Premium Çelebi Platinum Service at Rize Airport

Çelebi Platinum Service at Rize Airport

Çelebi Aviation, Turkey's premier privately-owned ground handling company, has proudly announced the introduction of its specialized Çelebi Platinum service at Rize Airport.

The service is currently available at 20 airports across Turkey and Budapest, Hungary, and is designed to offer an enhanced travel experience for passengers.

Boasting a legacy of 65 years, Çelebi Aviation operates across three continents, spanning five countries and over 40 stations. With the launch of Çelebi Platinum 15 years ago, the company now provides an array of elite services that grant passengers a heightened sense of comfort and exclusivity, both in Turkey and at Budapest Airport. Rize Airport patrons can now avail benefits like priority check-in, baggage handling, VIP passes, and even vehicle provisions.



The meticulously trained staff ensures that each passenger's journey becomes a unique and unforgettable experience. This elite service offers a plethora of solutions, from helicopter and private jet rentals to hotel and restaurant reservations, ensuring passengers' every need is catered to.

Osman Yılmaz, Managing Director of Ground Handling and Cargo at Çelebi Aviation, expressed his enthusiasm regarding the new launch, stating, “We are thrilled to introduce the Çelebi Platinum service at Rize Airport. Our goal is to redefine the standard travel experience with our high-caliber personalized service. We staunchly believe that each guest is entitled to a seamless and delightful journey, and Çelebi Platinum is designed with this very ethos in mind.”



Since its introduction at Rize Airport in July, Çelebi Platinum has been setting new benchmarks for travel standards at all the airports it serves. Remarkably, this premium service is not exclusive to first-class passengers but is available to all, regardless of flight class.


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