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Istanbul Ready to Celebrate Republic Day

Sixty thousand Turkish National Flags were hung over streets and squares in Istanbul for the 86th anniversary of the founding of the Republic on October 29.

istanbul-29oct.jpgThe directorate of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality will celebrate the 86th anniversary of the founding of our Republic with a splendid, unique and unprecedented ceremony. The main arterial roads, squares, streets, public buildings, and skyscrapers of Istanbul are being decorated with flags. Sixty thousand Turkish National Flag were hung over streets and squares, two thousand Republic pendants were hung over electric poles, and announcements were hung on 50 overpasses.



Corresponding with the 86th anniversary of the founding of our Republic, sound, light, and firework shows will be performed on a platform situated on the Bosphorus. The shows will be broadcasted to the whole world via satellite.



*The shows will take place in the area between the Bosphorus Bridge and the Maiden Tower on the sea.

* More than 48,000 fireworks will be released from 16 separate points and 150 skyracer will be used.

*The weight of the biggest firework is in excess of 10 kg.  It will be shot about 250 meters into the sky.

*42 ignition systems and a 800 meters long fire waterfall will be built on the Bosphorus Bridge.

* The show's music of 15-minutes was composed specifically for the organization by Fahir Atakoğlu.

*The shows are to be broadcast live on Power FM, and will be able to be watched from the 100 frequency, accompanied by the program's music. The show was choreographed according to this composition.

* A sound system will be established on the Ortaköy and Beşiktaş coast. The citizens of İstanbul will be able to both watch the fireworks show and also listen to the sound activities.


Anatolian Side: The Kuzguncuk Park, The Paşalimanı Park, The Üsküdar Pier, The Salacak Waterside

European Side: The Ortaköy Waterside, The Beşiktaş Waterside, The Dolmabahçe Waterside

Venue: The Dolmabahçe Palace

Time: 19:00 p.m. (TST) Sound Activities and Fireworks Show


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