The Ministry Of Culture and Tourism

TURSAB - Association of Turkish Travel Agencies

TUROB- Istanbul Touristic Hotels & Investors Association

TUROFED - Federation of Turkish Hoteliers

TUGEV - Tourism Development and Education Foundation

IC&VB - Istanbul Convention & Visitors Bureau

ACB - Antalya Convention Bureau

Izmir CVB - Izmir Convention & Visitors Bureau

TYD- The Turkish Tourism Investors Association

TUREB - Federation of Turkish Tour Guide Association

TUYED - Professional Tourism Writers, Journalists and Editors Association

TUSID - Kitchen & Laundry Industrialists and Businessman Association

Skal International Turkey

POYD - Professional Hotel Managers Association

GETOB - South Aegean Hotel Association

ALTAV - Alanya Tourism Promotion Foundation

KETAV - Kemer Tourism Promotion Foundation

AKTOB - Mediterranean Association of Touristic Hoteliers

TURING - The Touring and Automobile Club

TÖSHID - Turkish Private Aviation Enterprises Association

IKSV - The Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts

BETUYAB - Belek Tourism Investors Union

Tourism Portal of Çanakkale