Malcolm has been Director of Marketing at VisitScotland since 2001 and has been responsible for implementing successful marketing campaigns that have not only increased visitor numbers but have earned VisitScotland a reputation for innovative marketing and online activities.

Malcolm is considered to be one of the top destination marketeers in the world and VisitScotland's marketing activity has thrived under his leadership.   His track record of success and the magnificent returns VisitScotland brings to the Scottish economy will reap dividends for our industry in the future.

Malcolm will assume a dual role within the organisation.  He will be CEO and he will continue to direct the marketing strategy.

Malcolm has already signalled a change of direction for the organisation - with stronger partnership working with the tourism industry and a review of key functions to respond to the current challenges in the public sector.     He has also announced that neither his role nor that of the Director of Business Engagement will be replaced - saving around £335,000.

Malcolm will be share his thoughts on how VisitScotland continues to play a key role in growing tourism in Scotland in future editions of our VisitScotland Industry newsletters. He is also keen to get out and about as much as possible to meet industry representatives and local businesses.