Rosangela was very young when joined the company in the late eighties: she stood out immediately for competence and accuracy, earning more and more responsibility in the project management. During the past years she headed the Milan office of AIM Congress and, more recently, has assumed responsibility for the coordination of the Company’s three offices (Rome and Florence, as well as Milan), whereby she gained great experience in management and marketing.

Today Rosangela Quieti, assuming the post of General Manager, ideally accomplishes a pathway and, at the same time, faces a new challenge in a time of profound changes in the market.

In fact, the appearance of new communication tools in the meeting industry – e.g. the potential of social networks and virtual meetings ‐ induces a market‐leading company such as AIM International Group to new challenges and continuous improvement, in order to adapt its structures and its offerings to customer needs. The Group, with over 50 years experience and a staff of over 400 professionals, ensure a full range of ervices related to communication and events through its offices located in ten European countries and now n the United States as well.