Mr. Tilstone is currently the chief executive of the Institute of Travel and Meetings (ITM), a United Kingdom-based association that is a valued partner and service provider for GBTA Europe.

For the past year, Mr. Tilstone has served in a dual capacity, performing the duties as both managing director for GBTA Europe and as chief executive of ITM.  He will continue to function as ITM’s chief executive throughout the remainder of 2011 as ITM focuses on finding his replacement.  Michael W. McCormick, GBTA’s executive director and COO, issued the following statement regarding Mr. Tilstone’s new role:

“I am pleased to announce that Paul Tilstone will be joining GBTA in a dynamic senior leadership position to be announced later this year.  Through his proven leadership with ITM and his experience with the travel industry at large, Paul has been a driving force in GBTA Europe’s success.  We are very excited about Paul’s future role within GBTA where he will apply his considerable talents to ensuring the long-term success of GBTA and its partners.

“GBTA and ITM will continue to work closely to support the business travel industry in Europe. The upcoming changes will strengthen the ongoing close relationship between our organizations.  We will continue to rely on the ITM team for its high quality service delivery to travel professionals in Europe.  This move continues GBTA’s growing commitment to globalization.”