Mr. Melchior will be based in the United Kingdom. 

Mr. Melchior will be responsible for planning, managing and advancing the strategic initiatives of the Foundation by creating corporate partnerships for education and research initiatives throughout Europe.  As the primary European liaison to the GBTA Foundation, Melchior will work closely with GBTA Foundation Executive Director, Daphne Bryant and Foundation Chair, Steve Singh.

“The first step of the GBTA Foundation’s global expansion is the creation of this new and important position, further connecting GBTA with supportive partners who know the value of our crucial initiatives,” said Steve Singh, GBTA Foundation chair and CEO of Concur.  “We are excited to bring John on board as a dedicated agent pushing progress forward and expanding on the great work of the Foundation in Europe. Our education and research are of paramount importance allowing us to explore best practices and trends and bring this knowledge to our membership,” said Steve Singh, GBTA Foundation chair and CEO of Concur.

Since June 2005, Melchior has been the managing director of JME Consultancy and Enterprises Ltd., now trading as Travel Group Consulting which consults to a wide variety of companies throughout the world.  Until June 2005, Melchior served for 14 years as the executive vice president for RADIUS, a global travel company previously known as Woodside Travel Trust.  In that capacity, Melchior was responsible for developing and supporting the international network of travel agencies across 80 countries.

“I am so pleased to be part of an organization that is known worldwide for supporting the managed travel industry,” John Melchior said.  “After many years in the industry, helping the Foundation with its important role of advancing the industry for all stakeholders is a task I will truly relish. I look forward to working with my industry colleagues in Europe to expand the great work of the GBTA Foundation.”