Ernesto-OrillacAt just 37 years old, Orillac already has a vast experience in the industry and brings to the office his expertise and understanding of the sector. Before assuming his new position, he served as Counsel General of the Panama Tourism Authority.

Orillac was a member of the team that was responsible for Panama's increased exposure as an international travel destination in recent years. As a consultant, a position he held since 2009, Orillac participated in tourism events and international conventions around the world in which he cultivated strong relationships with industry leaders and established guidelines for the promotion of Panama's tourism across various markets.

"Thanks to Salomon Shamah's leadership and creativity, in his position as Tourism Minister, we have been able to promote Panama as a major international destination; this is reflected by the 965,000 thousand visitors we have received in the first half of this year. In my new position as Vice Minister of Tourism, I hope to continue contributing to Panama's increased visibility and to add more attractive tourism products with the purpose of achieving our ambitious goal of ending the year with 2 million visitors,” said the new Vice Minister.

Before becoming involved in public affairs, Orillac was the commercial director and area manager of Margo Tours International Group - one of the leading tour operators in Panama - a position which allowed him to generate a deep understanding of the dynamics in the tourism industry.

Orillac obtained a Business Administration and Marketing degree from Texas Christian University and a Master's in Management and International Business along with other postgraduate studies.