Fournier replaces Leigh Harry, Past President of ICCA, who led the Council for the past three years and recently moved to a senior government post in Australia.

Fournier has over 25 years of experience in the meetings industry and has held numerous positions in prominent industry organizations. He currently is responsible for MCI's five offices in France and is a member of the Group Management Board; in addition, he is President of IAPCO as well as immediate past president of the French Professional Association of Events Communications Companies.

"I'm delighted to having been appointed President of JMIC at what I believe to be a pivotal point in the organization's history", said Fournier. "There has never been a greater need for good communications amongst international industry organizations as well as the ability to address industry profile issues on a global basis, and we are now starting to do this in a serious way. In saying this, I must pay tribute to my predecessor Leigh Harry who set the stage for much of this progress during his term".

"My intention is to keep JMIC moving forward in a way that will both serve members of the industry and make our role and accomplishments even more apparent to our respective governments and communities", he said. "More than ever, in this difficult time, face to face meetings are crucial to make the world go round, with trade fairs, exhibitions, congresses and related events playing a key part in the knowledge economy".

The Joint Meetings Industry Council was established in 1978 as a vehicle for creating a forum for the exchange of information and perspectives amongst international associations engaged in various aspects of the Meetings Industry. It is now engaged in the process of building better communications and linkages amongst member organizations and advancing industry profile along with a greater appreciation of the value the industry brings to the global economy.