Information about the Nomination Committee's composition has previously been published through a media release and via the company's homepage.

SAS has today been informed about the following change:

The Swedish Government has informed that Marianne Förander, who has represented the shareholder Swedish Government in the Nomination Committee, has left her employment at the Government Offices of Sweden and been replaced by Jonas Iversen, Assistant under Secretary at the Swedish Ministry of Finance.

After the above change the Nomination Committee consists of the following six members:

Jonas Iversen, Swedish Ministry of Finance , for the Swedish Government

Peter Brixen, Danish Ministry of Finance, for the Danish Government

Knut Utvik, Norwegian Ministry of Trade and Industry, for the Norwegian Government

Peter Wallenberg Jr, for Knut och Allice Wallenbergs Foundation

Karsten Biltoft, for Danmark's Nationalbank

Anders Rydin, for SEB fonder