Laurie StrollLinda Thompson, CMP, Past Chairwoman stated, “It has been a rewarding experience to have served as the Chairwoman of the DMC Network, LLC over the past four years. The DMC Network has grown in scope and depth and is recognized as the leader of DMC services throughout North America and globally with our valued strategic partner, Ovation Global DMC. Laurie is the perfect person to step into the chairwoman position. She is a highly respected leader in her destination and community, is recognized throughout our industry and is strategically focused to ensure the continued growth and nurturing of our clients and company."

Laurie Stroll, CMP, DMCP is the President of Newport Hospitality, Inc. a DMC Network Company, Newport, RI. About her new role with the DMC Network, Laurie stated, “I am passionate about our industry and the value that DMC’s provide in creating extraordinary and effective meetings. As a member of the DMC Network Board for the past four years, I have been focused on growing our business and ensuring that we are at the forefront of providing customer solutions and great value. Linda has been an amazing leader for our organization and I look forward to working with her, our Board of Managers and headquarter staff to continue building on the foundation of success.”

The Managing Director of the DMC Network, Dan Tavrytzky, stated, “The future of the DMC Network could not be brighter. Our companies continue to be recognized as the best in their destinations and globally. We have the credentials to prove it with more than 95% of our companies accredited through ADMEI and over 150 awards to support the fabulous work they do for their clients. I’m inspired to have Laurie stepping into the Chairwoman role and having Linda as a mentor and visionary for the organization. Together with our members, Board of Managers and headquarters, we are an unstoppable team! ”