swedish-sbtaThe Swedish organisation has created the role to provide free consultation to all new and existing buyer members of the association as an added value service. The move brings the expertise of Sweden’s best travel management expertise to the whole Swedish market as Mrs Lundberg also fulfils the role of leading the SBTA Global Network, a group of 12 travel managers from Sweden’s top companies, who meet regularly to discuss strategies and operational tactics.

The Senior Advisor will also be supporting the General Manager and the Board of the Association, as well as sharing her extensive international connections and experience with the SBTA members.

The Swedish Global Network is linked to the Nordic Benchmark Group and the European Strategic Benchmark Group created under the Global Business Travel Association, a move designed to create joined up thinking across senior buyer networks in the Nordics, Europe and beyond.

Talking about the creation of the group, Lotten Fowler, General Manager of SBTA said ”We wanted to continue to add value to our members and the provision of free consultancy by an individual who represents the best of Sweden means that our members will benefit hugely from the wisdom of an impressive number of years of experience.”

SBTA is the exclusive Swedish partner to the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) and it partners with GBTA’s three other Nordic partners to manage the Nordic Benchmark Group.

GBTA’s European Managing Director, Paul Tilstone, said about the SBTA move ”This is a great idea from a dynamic and committed GBTA partner. Our partners are great at creating added value to professionals for the benefit of the business travel market and this is a perfect example of best practice which others can learn from. I can see other associations following suit.”

Mrs Lundberg will continue to lead the SBTA Global Network Group and provide private consultancy services whilst carrying out her role as Senior Advisor to the association.