The 53 year-old roman Gianni Pieraccioni has gained a significant professional experience both in Italy and abroad in consumer-goods and luxury companies. Pieraccioni was chief operations manager of the Averna group prior to serving in Alitalia. His carrier was built in such US multinationals as Procter&Gamble, where he served as Associate Advertising Manager and PepsiCo, where he lastly served as President of the Brazil area. In the past, Gianni Pieraccioni was also Managing Director of Johnson&Johnson Italia, the Sector Group and the Binda Group.

Mr. Pieraccioni will now contribute his Marketing, Sales and International Affairs experience to Alitalia, where the CEO Mr. Ragnetti invited him to initiate the new phase 2 for the Airline’s relaunch and revenue growth, after the achievement of its asset solidity.

The CCO (Chief Commercial Officer) is a new position within Alitalia which controls all Marketing, Sales, Distribution, Cargo and Ancillary Revenue activities. Mr. Pieraccioni will have to ensure the achievement of the sales objectives in the domestic and foreign markets by maximising economic results through all direct and indirect channels. In addition, he will be required to plan and develop strategic and operational marketing activities by fostering the development of new ancillary products and the maximisation of related revenues.

As a further initiative in support of this new phase, the new position of Chief Strategy Officer was also created and assigned to Mr. Marco Sansavini, who has served in Alitalia since 2009 with a distinguished career as Sales, Customer Care and Distribution Manager.

The 45 year-old bolognese Marco Sansavini is a highly experienced world-class manager in air transport, with an outstanding experience in KLM first and Air France-KLM later, where he was entrusted with such functions as Vice President for Global Business and Sales Manager for Europe. Mr. Sansavini is now responsible for Network and Fleet Development, Revenue Management, Strategic Planning, and Alliances and Agreements.

The new CSO (Chief Strategy Officer) will be in charge of defining Alitalia’s Strategic Plan, by taking care of the network and fleet development and overseeing the negotiation of agreements, the achievement of economic and financial targets and a well-balanced pricing policy through an integrated management of revenue-management levers.

Since September 1st, Mr. Alessandro Picardi, who formerly worked with the satellite broadcaster Sky and the telephone operator Wind, has joined Alitalia. Mr. Picardi will be the new Corporate Affairs VP within the Corporate Communication department.

“I am personally satisfy and enthusiast for these new appointments and I wish everyone success” declared Alitalia’s CEO Andrea Ragnetti. “Through these organisational choices, my intention was to provide our structure with more incisiveness and consistency and I am confident that Alitalia will rapidly and substantially benefit therefrom. A demanding period lies ahead, with challenging objectives, especially at a time of world crisis such as the one we are going through. However, I rely on our people, the support to be given by our shareholders and the loyalty of our customers and, no doubt, altogether we will make this brand – which is among Italy’s symbols– shine brightly for the years to come”.