Luc-HendrickxThe appointment signals the company's continuing focus on strategic integrity and alignment in one of the world's leading PCO and association management companies.

Hendrickx said, "I am honoured and delighted to take on the strategic role and look forward to working with the Board and senior management in the coming months on this essential aspect of the focus and growth of the company".

Luc Hendrickx joined the Kenes Group in January 2012 as Chief Operating Officer, Global Operations. He was responsible for the operational leadership of the congress aspects of the Kenes Group Offices and Kenes International. He was also accountable for Kenes Media, the in-house media agency of the Group. More recently, he became involved in quality management.

To focus on his new role, Hendrickx will delegate the day-to-day operational management, while remaining involved in the strategic review of Kenes Media, and continuing to provide guidance to the operations of Tilesa-Kenes Spain and Kenes UK.

Dan Rivlin, CEO of the Kenes Group, said: "Luc is a well-respected, visionary leader in the meetings industry. His experience, having been on the client side of our business for many years as well as his proven congress organisational skills, long-term vision and innovative insights will come to their full potential in this new role. We look forward to his valuable input in the strategic development of the Kenes Group to keep the company at the forefront of our industry at this time of challenges and opportunities."