Michel-NeijmannMichel Neijmann said, “This is an extremely exciting chapter in my career and I am making it my remit to uphold the quality and educational pillars of IAPCO. My guiding principles will be the 10-year Strategic Plan to which IAPCO adheres, at all times looking to IAPCO's Core Values and Long-Term Goals.”

"Under the terms of the previous President, exciting innovations have been introduced into the programme of IAPCO: The Albert Cronheim Scholarship, The IAPCO Innovation Award for PCOs, the IAPCO Ambassador Programme, the Meetings MasterClass to name just a few. I intend to continue in this programme of development whilst at all times maintaining our quality standing in the industry".

Other current appointments include Jan Tonkin, Managing Director of The Conference Company, New Zealand, is now Vice President of IAPCO; Sumaira Isaacs, Chief Operations Officer, MCI, for India, Middle East and Africa. Philippe Fournier, MCI France, and Sarah Markey-Hamm, ICMS Australia, step down, their terms of office having ended.

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