Martin-KnaubertKnaubert is certainly not a newcomer to the culinary scene. Born and raised in Saarlouis, Germany, Knaubert spent much of his childhood experimenting with food, so it was no wonder that his life took a culinary path. Now, he is gracing the kitchen of The Ritz-Carlton Chicagowith his expertise as the Executive Chef. The Ritz-Carlton Chicago will be his 8th hotel and 4th assignment as Executive Chef with Four Seasons properties.

Chef Knaubert hopes to bring his diverse experience to the city of Chicago. The perspective he has on food and the culinary arts is unlike any other. He has been able to gain this perspective through his extensive experience and looks forward to bringing his unique taste to the city of Chicago. Even with this gained expertise, Knaubert knows that culinary taste can sometimes be lost in translation and these talents do not always travel from one destination to the other. Chef Knaubert knows that Chicago has its own unique taste and he looks forward to discovering it.