Ashley Thomas was promoted from Catering Sales Manager to Group Sales Manager, while Ashley Butler was hired as a new Catering Sales Manager. Andrew Bradley was hired as Marketing and Communications Manager.

Ashley Thomas started as a Catering Sales Manager in May 2013 with a focus on weddings and small group business. Her promotion to Group Sales Manager allows her to focus on larger groups from throughout the Midwest including Illinois, Texas, Ohio, Wisconsin, and Michigan. Thomas combines years of experience in the communication industry with her marketing and sales experience to build strong client relationships and let new clients now about the benefits of hosting meetings and events at The Meritage Resort and Spa.

Ashley Butler joins The Meritage Resort and Spa as a Catering Sales Manager after working in Arizona as a Catering Sales Manager and Senior Events Manager for the last four years. Butler will use her previous experience and skills in event sales management, food and beverage planning, and event design to work with couples planning to tie the knot in the Napa Valley, while also bringing in smaller groups from throughout the Napa Valley community for corporate meetings and events.

Andrew Bradley has worked with The Meritage for the last five years as an independent contractor and was recently brought on full-time as Marketing and Communications Manager. He continues to use his strong marketing and public relations agency experience to manage multiple marketing initiatives for the resort, gain positive media exposure, and plan special guest events ranging from “Masters and Makers @ Meritage” on President’s Day Weekend to “Red, White and BBQ” on Independence Day.