A new chapter begins at Rossini –The Godfather’s Favourite after months of complete renovations, it has reopened with an elegant new look and is now home to the talented Chef Massimo Gullota. Born in Rome, he was always interested in cooking, and learnt the art from his grandmother who ran a tavern serving Italian food since he was only 9 year old. After working in Germany for 10 years, Chef Massimo moved to the United States and spent the next decade working at renowned restaurants across the US. His professional experience in authentic Italian flair, an understanding of the Asian palate and his ability to infuse seafood flavors into each dish makes him a perfect addition to oversee Rossini – The Godfather’s Favourite.

Chef Prachaphol Prompuang brings over 10 years of experience in the culinary industry to the Royal Cliff Hotels Group as he joins the Hotel’s award-winning culinary team as the Executive Sous Chef of the Royal Wing Suites & Spa. Beginning his career at the Bangkok Palace Hotel, Chef Prachapol brings his passion for creating and serving only the best everywhere he goes. His expertise in both western and oriental cuisine makes him an ideal addition to helm the kitchen of Royal Cliff’s elegant restaurant that offers new world cuisine and fine wines.

After his formative years spent at a renowned bakery in Bangkok and leading properties throughout Thailand, Chef Wattana Naiyanit embarks on his new journey at the Royal Cliff Hotels Group as one of its award-winning pastry chefs. With over 2 decades of professional experience from both savory and pastry training, his desserts are marked by unique textures and thoughtful presentation. Chef Wattana’s gift and commitment to his craft has proven to be a great addition to the team.