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New CEO of Rossiya Airlines

Dmitry Saprykin named as the company’s new CEO. Dmitry Saprykin previously served as Deputy CEO of PJSC Aeroflot responsible for legal and property issues.

In September Dmitry Saprykin was named CEO of Transaero following a decision of that airline’s Board of Directors. In this role he oversaw the complex process of ensuring that all passengers holding valid Transaero tickets were able to travel by reallocation to flights operated by Aeroflot and other Russian airlines. By now this process has been successfully completed.

In his new post as head of Rossiya, Dmitry Saprykin will focus on the creation of a single regional carrier within Aeroflot Group operating under the Rossiya brand. The regional carrier will also integrate Aeroflot subsidiaries Orenair and Donavia.

Born in 1974, he graduated from Moscow State Law Academy with a Candidate of Legal Sciences degree. After training at Cornell Law School he received an LLM (Master of Law) qualification with MBA modules.

His career began at Group MOST as Assistant Legal Adviser. Subsequently he worked in the Treasury of Bank Menatep as Senior Legal Adviser, International Business Center as Deputy Director, MTS as Director of Mergers, Acquisitions and Capital Markets, SkyLink as Deputy Director, MCC as CEO, Sistema as Deputy Head of Legal and Director of the Transactions Department.

At PJSC Aeroflot he served as Deputy CEO for Sales and Property Issues, and at Transaero Airlines as CEO.


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