elif-b-fisunogluFisunoglu was previously the General Manager of Istanbul Convention & Visitors Bureau and assumed leadership positions at leading Turkish tourism brands since 1997. She is among the prominent names of tourism sector and took active roles in the national and international projects.

Kalyon Tourism Group started its tourism operations through the inauguration of Kalyon Hotel in Istanbul in 1967 and continued its investments with the opening of Kalyon Reji, an unusual venue and Kalyon Tourism Travel Agency.

Located by the seaside of Istanbul’s historic peninsula Kalyon Hotel celebrates its 47th anniversary and with its high quality service standards, specialized team and vast experience is one of leading hotels of Istanbul and is an “Istanbul classic”.

Located in the same gardens with Kalyon Hotel, Kalyon Reji is an historic unusual venue surrounded by the 2,000-year-old city walls of Istanbul. Kalyon Reji with its 700-pax indoor and outdoor event capacity is one of the highlighted event venues of Istanbul for meetings, social programs, corporate events, celebrations, concerts and weddings.

Kalyon Tourism Group added its operations the travel agency and DMC services with the opening of Kalyon Tourism. Kalyon Tourism is an IATA member travel agency and DMC and serves as the contracted agency for some major corporations s of Turkey. Kalyon Tourism’s operations both include meetings, incentives and travel-tour arrangements and incoming and outgoing services.

Kalyon Tourism Group Coordinator Elif Balci Fisunoglu said; “Kalyon Tourism Group is one of the leading tourism brands of Turley and it is an great pride and honour for me to work with Mr. Yilmaz Tecmen and Tecmen family. I am so excited about the initiatives that we will be carrying out in Turkey and abroad. Kalyon is a reliable brand and we will continue to work together to carry on the confidence, and robust. I am so delighted to be the Group Coordinator of Kalyon Tourism Group operating in three different areas of tourism. I will have the opportunity to continue to work as a professional in many different areas of tourism. With all its operations since 1967, Kalyon is a leading brand and I am so proud to be a member.”

Fisunoglu graduated in 1997 from the Istanbul University, Faculty of Communications/ Department of Radio, Television and Cinema. She received her master’s degree from the Marmara University in 2003 on Advertising & Promotions with the topic of “Tourism Marketing, the Image of Destinations & the Strategic Usage of Advertising & Promotions”She is currently doing her Phd. (doctorate) degree at Istanbul University on Public Relations and Promotions.

Her business career started during the university years within the communication industry; she worked as an associate director at the TRT- Turkish State Radio Television and afterwards as an account director and text writer at the Mart Agency Publications owned by Nursuna and Salih Memecan.

In 1997, she was appointed as the Promotions and Public Relations Manager of the Dedeman Hotels & Resorts - the largest national hotel chain in Turkey operating city hotels, resorts and ski centres all over Turkey. From 2000 to 2001 she worked at the Naturland Eco Park & Resort Hotels, Turkey’s first ecological complex situated in Antalya as the Corporate Communications Manager.

She was working as the Director of Sales & Marketing of the Istanbul Convention & Visitors Bureau since 2001 and appointed as the General Manager of Istanbul CVB in January 2011 and left from her position in May 2014.

She is also a Board Member of Skal International Istanbul Club and President Elect for MPI Turkey Club.

She assumed active roles at international sector organisations and was Board Member of ECM between 2013-2014, ICCA Mediterranean Chapter Chairperson within the term of 2012-2014 and International Task Force Member for PCMA from 2010- 2013.