Prior to joining Albatravel, Mr. Senses was Director of sales and Marketing at Accor Hotels in Turkey.

Albatravel Group was born in Venice in the early '80s as a company specialized in tourism and more precisely operating in the incoming sector. In 1997 the company launched a hotel reservation system in the Italian market which became a huge success. Thanks to that winning start Albatravel started its expansion on the Italian territory opening new offices in Milan, Rome, Genoa, Lecce, Messina, Pescara and Florence.

Today, the Group has 300 employees, 7 branches in Italy and a sales team of 30 sales and it is therefore able to cover the national territory very thoroughly in terms of customer care.

In 2000 Worldwide Hotel Link was born with the intent to create a direct supply in terms of product having its own direct contracts with hotels and other ancillary services which is now one of the largest wholesalers in Europe and to date manages assets of over 12,000 accommodation contracts.

To date WHL (Worldwide Hotel Link) manages over 28,000 contracts allowing us to be one of the main players in the international travel industry.

Today the portal is the European leader in the B2B online booking market (distributed only to travel agents), by offering net prices in a wide range of tailor made services, a choice of over 160,000 hotels in 185 countries around the world in addition to a large range of other different products such as transfers, city tours, parks, museums, attractions, entertainment, travel cards in major cities and also flights, trains, ferries, car hire, yachts and sailing routes and food and wine tours.

Netstorminghas 35 highly skilled professionals in technology Web Engineering, Web Design, Web Services and Web Marketing which allow to create a dynamic and efficient solutions for every demand and is the software house and IT Company owned by Albatravel Group which looks after the technological developments, the management of the websites, the connectivity, the development of xml links with clients and suppliers..

In 2005 Albatravel Group starts the expansion into the international markets with Albatravel France in Paris, Albatravel Suisse in Lugano, Albatravel Spain in Madrid, Albatravel UK in London, Albatravel USA in Orlando (Florida) and Albatravel China in Beijing, thanks to its excellence and competitiveness of its product and to the success of its business model.

In 2008 Albatravel decided to invest in a different field in the same sector and created a brand new hotel chain called Excel Hotels & Resorts that now has five owned 4 star hotels in Italy, three in Rome and two in Venice.