Mr. Bilal Ekşi, born in 1968 in Rize, graduated from the department of Electronics and Communications Engineering of Yıldız Technical University in 1989.

Mr. Bilal Ekşi, who has started to work as an Electronics and Communications Engineer at Turkish State Railways, was assigned to the position of Workshop Manager at Istanbul Ulasim A.S., and he played an active role in realization of significant transport projects such as the project of purchasing Metro and Streetcar vehicles and the project of Metro Workshop establishment.

Mr. Bilal Ekşi, who was assigned as the Head of Overhaul Workshops at Turkish Airlines Inc. in 2003, led a significant organization carrying out the maintenance of aircraft engines, landing gears and all components. Mr. Ekşi, who has been assigned as the Chief Ground Operations Officer at Turkish Airlines Inc. after a period of two years thanks to his accomplished works, carried out projects particularly in improvement of the on-time departure performance.

Having served as the Chief Production Officer at Turkish Airlines Inc. between 2008 - 2009, and as the General Manager of Cyprus Turkish Airlines as part of the reorganization of Cyprus Turkish Airlines between 2009 - 2010, and as the Assistant General Manager at "Turkish Engine Center (TEC)", established by the joint venture of Pratt Whitney, the American Engine manufacturer, and Turkish Technic Inc. between 2010 - 2011; Mr. Bilal Ekşi was currently maintaining the position of the Director General of Civil Aviation, to which he was assigned in April 2011.