Matilde Eleonora Celentano Elected as the New President of Latium Experience DMO

Latina's Mayor, Matilde Eleonora Celentano

Latina's Mayor, Matilde Eleonora Celentano, has ascended to the presidency of The Latium Experience DMO, a mixed public-private association devoted to enhancing and managing tourism for 12 municipalities of Latium, the Italian region that houses Rome.

This historical development transpired three months after her election as Mayor, and her official appointment was held on May 17th.

The Latium Experience DMO's statute automatically appoints the Mayor of Latina, the project's leading city, as its president, a role that the previous Commissioner held before the municipal elections.



Matilde Celentano, who embarked on her political career in 2016 when she was elected a city councilor in Latina, is a trained physiatrist. She rose to become the group leader of Fratelli d’Italia, the ruling right-wing party, in 2021. She achieved a landslide victory in the local elections earlier this year, securing over 70% of the votes with support from a center-right coalition. This makes her the first woman to serve as the Mayor of Latina and, consequently, the president of Latium Experience DMO.

Paola Cosimi, General Manager of Latium Experience, extended a warm welcome to President Celentano during the Board meeting that ratified her appointment. Another new addition to the Board was the Mayor of Pomezia, Veronica Felici, who replaced the former Commissioner of Pomezia as a Board member.



Mayor Celentano has already shown support and approval for the existing work of the DMO and is keen on continuing the project, according to Cosimi. This marks an exciting period for Latina and its province, particularly with a new bill proposal underway concerning the centennial celebration of the city in 2032. President Celentano sees this as an incredible opportunity to internationally promote Latina through a stable, cultural project. As Cosimi noted, the institutions will benefit from the DMO's passionate and professional support, leveraging their successful synergistic approach.

Latium Experience is a public-private association aiming to promote, market and manage the tourist flows – involving all the actors operating in the area – of 12 Municipalities of Latium (the Italian region headed by Rome): Aprilia, Colleferro, Guidonia, Latina, Maenza, Pomezia, Pontinia, Priverno, Prossedi, Sabaudia, San Felice Circeo, Ventotene. The association also brings together 40 private operators. The offer is divided into three macro-categories: bike tourism, comprising the routes that run along the canals and connect all the towns, foundation cities, including eight Municipalities, and tastings, enhancing the typical products of the area. 

Culture, nature and roots are the themes with which, as in an intriguing storytelling, the rich heritage made available by the places will be organized, making endless business propositions for the benefit of tourists of all ages, backgrounds and origins.


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