Yes, tourism is peace. People from different races, religions, nations,and ethnic groups come together with tourism, they travel together, becomefriends and live in peace. suat2.jpg

If from North Pole to South Pole, East to West,this planet with its nature, historical artifacts, cultures, and gastronomicalexamples form reasons to travel, we have to fight with people that try todemolish them.

Because if whales die, dolphins disappear,green forests cut, historical sites demolish for several reasons, how we willmake tourism?

We have to fight with people that cuttingforests to make golf course, hotel, resort, people that demolish historicalsites to make dam, people that pollute air to produce energy, people that killwhales, dolphins... etc. We have to fight for peace and tourism.

The raiders at thefront of this war should be tourism professionals.

Suat Tore