Tourism is the biggest industry of our century. About a billion people travel every year and 250 million people are employed in this industry.

suattore-meeturkeyCountries race with each other to receive more tourism income. Tourism is an economical event that grows every year. However, beside the positive outcomes, there are negative ones as well.

Fast growth of global tourism affects natural resources negatively. The resources that tourism industry uses are resources which can’t renew themselves. Among the first act for tourism’s negative effects is to avoid damaging the environment. For the sustainable tourism, natural resources, environmental and ecological balances must be observed. In order to conserve resources and transfer to future generations, the diversity of tourism such as sustainable tourism, alternative tourism, eco-tourism, green tourism, nature tourism should be increased.

Turkish Culture and Tourism Ministry announced 2023 Turkish Tourism Strategies and plans for Sustainable Tourism.

Turkey's tourism awareness for sustainable tourism in the race to become one of the leading countries in the world is a striving act in being a model country.