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Turkey’s magical Highlands: Safe and Healthy

ozgur sousse marina2In tourism industry today, one of the most important topics is the safety. Following recent terrorist attacks all around the world, tourists seek safety first when traveling.

Taleb Rifai, secretary-general of the World Tourism Organization, said, "There is no completely safe country in the world. Anything can happen anywhere. No country should be classified as safe or unsafe forever, because anything can happen anywhere."

Terror has made tourism to their number one target and enemy. Terrorists today target crowded tourist attractions, hotels, beaches, restaurants. They attack tourist infrastructure because they know that is where it hurts.

While there is danger in the world, that does not mean people have to stay at home. The best way to respond to terrorists is to continue visiting the attacked countries.

nf septoct16In the latest issue of our New Focus Travel Magazine, we present you safe and healthy places to visit in Turkish highlands.

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