World is in crisis but growth rate in China is 6,1% making China the top growing country in first 3 months of 2009.

Chinese turn the excess amount of foreign currency at import/export rates both to local investment and think more tourism every year.


I found myself in China again beginning of June. I have attended tourism fairs first in Hong Kong, later in Shanghai and finally in Beijing.


Chinese one side promoting their country and on other side parallel to their increase in income their travels to other countries continue to increase.


I have seen that number of European countries investing in China is increasing every year. I see different airline companies at every visit to China.


The far-destination problem is going to finish. With the introduction of charter flights, distance would not be a problem and mass tourism is expected to start soon.

In near future, China will be one of the most important incoming countries. Therefore, first market investors in China will be the first gainers.











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