All countries have trouble with the global economical crisis.

Countries that rely on tourism are taking measures to be affected with minimum loss. After lapse of 2 months in 2009, all tourism numbers are dropping worldwide.


We have attended a meeting of the UNWTO held at Fitur-Madrid that tourism executives discussed required precautions to be taken in order to be affected with minimum loss during economical crisis. The presentation of Egypt at the meeting that was attended by the members at UNWTO was very interesting. In short, Egyptian tourism professionals cite that in order to overcome from the global crisis, they give hand to hand and try to introduce new tourism products before implementing advertisements. They indicate that new tourism products should vary according to near and far markets of the country. Egyptian tourism professionals programmed to present those new products with several financial and economical precautions and governmental incentives. Nevertheless, they don’t see advertisement campaigns alone, a solution for today’s economical issues.


After the Fitur – Madrid and Bit – Milan fairs, we will see the real outlook for 2009 after March as all tourism professionals. As usual, ITB-Berlin and afterwards fairs at Paris, Goteborg, Moscow, and Kiev will help us to guess how the tourism industry will be rest of the year.











Suat Töre