How hard politicians work, they can’t destroy friendship formed by tourism professionals.

Last week, by the invitation of our friends from North Greece County; Evros, we have traveled north Aegean coasts by our Turkish plate car.


We drove over 1,000 km and visited villages, counties, towns and cities.


Only thing we saw was people’s friendly behavior and friendship.


We lost our way; asked a restaurant name, or get food advice, etc. In return we always received warm and sympathetic assistances.


How was Evros? We will publish our Evros story at September issue of New Focus Travel Magazine!


Sometimes Greece and Turkey come up against in political arenas, jar the nerves, and deliver political notes.


Turkish and Greek tourism professionals also come together, but in contrast to politicians they hug each other, kiss at two cheeks ( in a same tradition ceremony) , even they give notes but those are music notes, afterwards enjoy same traditional Zeybek dance or play Sirtaki together.











Suat Töre