ITB-Berlin, TUR – Göteborg, MAP – Paris, MITT – Moscow and lately UITT – Kiev

tourism events shows that it will be very hard to find an empty hotel room in Turkey this summer.

At least 10% increase from Turkey’s largest market Germany and 25% from CIS countries are expected.

It is clear that number of tourist arrivals continue to increase in UK, Scandinavia, Mid-Europe countries when we look at the reports of other fairs.


Turkish tourism professionals are preparing for a new record year with number of tourists they will host this year.


Prediction of over 25 million international tourist visits this year is a clear proof of Turkey is an indispensable country of tourists.


Our advice to our foreign friends is to book their holidays in Turkey as soon as possible because either you may not find a room to stay or you pay more money. Call your travel agents tomorrow to book your holiday in Turkey.









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