2008 tourism marketing rapidly started as of January.

2008 Travel exhibitions one after another seem a good year for tourism professionals is coming.


Fairs held first in January at Utrecht, later in Madrid, in February in Tel Aviv, Prague, Istanbul, and Milan satisfy tourism professionals.


Other than those fairs, Focus on Travel News followed ATF-Asian Tourism Forum that show great potential of Asian countries in the industry.


Of all troubles we have in the world, we hope co-operations of tourism professionals achieve at those fairs help to speed up peace in the world. And help politicians to think how to imitate tourism professionals at creating peace!!!


This year, Turkey welcomes all Christians in the world to Mersin.


Pope Benedict XVI declared 2008 as the St. Paul Year. St. Paul is born in Turkey’s Tarsus town and lived important part of his life in Anatolia.


Tourism brings people from any race, religion, geography together therefore we think scientists should set tourism a domain of science that can be sociologically studied.


And off course, its contribution to world peace should be separately studied.










Suat Töre