As of every September, tourism professionals start sales and marketing for rest of the year and especially for the next year.

Although the rest of sales for the 2009 season will start from September and finalize at end of November, sales contracts for 2010 will also realized at tourism exhibitions from September.


Experts reveal that the recession because of the global economical crisis will continue in 2010.

News from Europe report that this year holiday makers give more importance to save money and delay their holiday travels to a future date or choose more affordable holidays. It seems that this situation will continue in 2010. 


Even according to some pessimistic tourism experts say that 2010 will be even more challenging due to the increased unemployment and economical problems.


Therefore; quality, branding, new products, new destinations will get importance in tourism.


Tourism professionals that work on sales and marketing products/services will have more advantage next year by participating not only in well-known tourism activities but also to new exhibitions and workshops at new destinations.











Suat Tore