2010 Marketing efforts since November will slow down through end of April and results will be received from May.

In other words, sales and marketing people in tourism industry are no longer need to run from one exhibition to another. However, this time professionals at airlines, tour operator, travel agent and hotels will host and show their hospitality to travelers.

Success at sales and marketing will be evaluated with the hotels occupancy levels and profits throughout the summer season.

After the last weeks unexpected eruption of Mt. Eyjafjallajokul in Iceland, affected the tourism growth and as a result tourism professionals will have more difficult times this year.

suat2.jpgUnfortunately, first tourism growth is affected from a natural disaster.

We may forget. Do you remember how Chernobyl disaster, mad-cow disease, last year's swine flu affected tourism?

We wish those natural events will reduce.

But all of us should move to protect the environment.

Wishing you a happy and peaceful season...


Suat Tore