Tourism is to discover nature.

The start of tourism movements is the travel act to discover the beauties of this planet. Listen music of waves in Portofino, enjoy a romantic sunset on your honeymoon in Maui, watching the beauties of Bosphorus scene while tasting unique Turkish food, increase your adrenaline by climbing top of the Himalayas, discover nature architecture of Cappadocia with a balloon ride, underwater beauties of Maldives, dance of water at Niagara or Igassu, scenic view of rocks at Copper or Grand Canyon...

To discover many natural beauties in this planet is tourism.

However increasing population and consumption change the balance of nature. When destruction of nature by humans is added, the response of nature to that becomes harsher.

Eruption of volcanoes that affect continents, climate changes caused by hole in the ozone layer, the floods destroying countries, flooding, or the opposite running out of water at rivers, lakes ...

Tourism is not only the peace between humans; tourism is also the peace with nature!









Suat Tore