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Bahar Birinci - Emirates

Bahar-BirinciI was wondering if Emirates will fly to Istanbul with A380, how is the passenger traffic between Dubai and Istanbul. Mrs. Bahar Birinci, Emirates Turkey, Romania and Bulgaria Manager answered all of our questions.

FTNnews: How many flights do Emirates operate from Dubai to Istanbul? Any plans to Increase frequency?

Emirates has eleven weekly flights from Dubai to Istanbul served by Boeing 777-300 ; offering about 10.000 seats in a week on the route and connecting passengers across six continents and to over 140 destinations worldwide.

The present Seat Load Factor on Istanbul-Dubai route is 95%. Since passenger numbers from Istanbul are rising, we focus on increasing the capacity and frequency to meet the growing demand as far as bilateral agreements between UAE and Turkey permits.

FTNnews: How is the growth of passenger traffic between Dubai and Istanbul?

Emirates is launching A380 flights to Milan as of December 1st. Is there a possibility of launching A380 flights between Dubai and Istanbul?

Emirates plays a key role in further developing natural business links between Turkey and UAE. Emirates also deliver a boost to the Istanbul’s tourism sector. The market has risen by 21% in the first three quarters of the year. Investments of Turkish Companies in Dubai are increasing therefore launching of A380 flights from Dubai to Istanbul would be an important milestone for both Turkish Civil aviation and the industry. We hope to operate Emirates’ unique A380 flight to Istanbul as soon as it is permitted by authorities.

FTNnews: Can you inform us about the passenger traffic in your responsible area this year? What is the outlook for 2015?

As Emirates Turkey, our passenger numbers are continuously improving. According to IATA’s Premium Traffic Monitor Report, in September international passenger demand rose by 5.3% compared to year ago. However in September we carried 5,501 passengers with a rise of 7% compared to same month in 2013.

Moreover we record a very good growth on premium traffic, number of Business and First Class passengers increased by 62% versus September 2013.

As you know Dubai is our home market and the final destination of almost 37% of our passengers is Dubai. We immediately connect the rest to 63 Emirates destinations worldwide such as Bangkok, Seychelles, Mauritius, Maldives, Singapore, Seoul, Shanghai, Honk Kong, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Sydney, Melbourne from Istanbul.

In 2015, as Emirates we are going to keep our growth and expand our operations worldwide. According to the ambition of our Chairman and the company strategy we target to open 8 to 10 new destinations every year. In 2014 we have opened 8 new destinations so far such as Kiev, Taipei, Boston, Abuja, Chicago, Oslo, Brussels and Budapest.

We have total of 231 aircrafts including freighters in operation. 144 of them are from Boeing 777, and 87 are from the Airbus 330, 340 and 380 series. Currently 54 A380 aircrafts are in service and we operate the world’s largest fleet of A380s. In addition, 289 aircrafts in order which is the largest aircraft order in civil aviation history. This includes 202 Boeing 777, also the single largest aircraft order by value in the history of U.S. commercial aviation, and 86 Airbus A380 aircrafts. Deliveries are expected within the next four years.

FTNnews: Besides the Emirates app, can you name your favorite travel apps?

I usually like to discover the city and place while I walk around. But Emirates’ iPad app is my favorite. I can book my flights and check-in online, also explore the new destinations with this app. Emirates is going to launch smart phone application very soon. So our passengers will have the opportunity to carry the amazing world of Emirates always together no matter what kind of technology is used.


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