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Tanay Adıgüzel - Avantgarde Hotel Istanbul

Tanay Adiguzel

FTNnews talked with Mr. Tanay Adıgüzel, General Manager at Avantgarde Hotel Istanbul about the growing portfolio of Avantgarde Collection.

FTNnews: Can you introduce us Avantgarde Collection and what's new about your property?
Combining cutting-edge technology with modern arts, Avantgarde Collection consists of hotel, catering and restaurant chains. The elegant and select destinations comprising our brand are Avantgarde Levent, Avantgarde Taksim and Avantgarde Collection Taksim Square in Istanbul, which is the newest member of the family that stands out with its design, and Avantgarde Yalıkavak Hotel in Bodrum as well as Avantgarde Catering, Mejor Costa Bar & Lounge with its joyful atmosphere along a private beach, and Avantgarde Ace Restaurant & Lounge making a difference with its unique offers selected from Turkish and world cuisines.


I would like to note something additionally about Avantgarde Yalıkavak: it lies through the Küdür Bay, which is the hot spot for Blue Journey enthusiasts. It is in a very close proximity with the marina, which is secluded yet home to restaurants and nightclubs in demand. This year, many innovations have been welcomed by Yalıkavak. Assouline, the creator of the most sophisticated books of the world, has implemented the ‘Culture Lounge’ concept for the first time in Avantgarde Yalıkavak in Turkey. Books featuring subjects like travel, gastronomy and art are accompanied by elegant accessories reflecting the marine concept. As our guests enjoy reading their book, a rich cellar containing the most special wines accompanies them.


FTNnews: What attractions are closest to your property?
One of the most important features of our hotels is that they are located in the heart of cities, right where all roads intersect. Avantgarde Levent is the first preference of our select guests coming from abroad and Turkey to visit Istanbul for business purposes or enjoying shopping. It is a great advantage for shopping enthusiasts that our hotel is close to shopping malls like Metrocity, Kanyon, Istinye Park and Zorlu PSM.


Our guests preferring Avantgarde Taksim and Avantgarde Collection Taksim Square are in close proximity to discover the surrounding historical spots within minutes in the morning. Passages, churches, mosques and art galleries lying across the İstiklal Street, Galata Tower, which is located at the end of Beyoğlu as one of the most beautiful structures of Istanbul, Hagia Sophia, Topkapı Palace, Ramparts of Istanbul, Blue Mosque; in other words, the Historical Peninsula which is Istanbul’s core of existence, all are in walking distance for our guests who would like to follow a journey to the history within today. Moreover, they are located in a close spot where you can surrender yourself to the energy of lively streets of Beyoğlu, Asmalımescit and Karaköy after the sunset.


Avantgarde Yalıkavak is just a few minutes away from Palmarina, the new attraction center of Bodrum Peninsula and home to elegant mansions and beach restaurants with its venues like Nobu, Cipriani and Billionaire.

FTNnews: If you were considering staying at the Avantgarde Levent, what would you want to know before making a reservation?
Creating delicious offers with its menu consisting of Turkish and world cuisine, Avantgarde Ace Restaurant, an Avantgarde Collection classic and the ace of our hotel, is also among the new favorite spots of the city. Ace Restaurant & Lounge is the first preference of guests and those looking for a gastronomic experience with its menu. Asparagus Soup, Crab Salad, Whole Wheat Pappardelle, Risotto with Meat Stew and Porcini Mushrooms, Veal Shashlik Kebab, Grilled Lobster Tail and Filet Mignon are among just a few of the outstanding delicacies from Ace’s menu which is renewed every season. We beckon our guests for a delicious journey with our homemade pastas, square-shaped pizzas and hamburgers. A short but an important note for our guests planning to visit us: you will never forget the taste of the Ace Restaurant special Pumpkin Krem Bruleé.

Avantgarde Levent, meetings

Also, Avantgarde Levent is an urban and modern destination that is full of art and fun. It stands out with its option to stay in a luxurious place right in the heart of Istanbul. It is the meeting point for meetings with up to 180 attendees, events, parties and private dinner events. Serving with 84 rooms, our hotel has an ideal location for those wanting to experience the enthusiasm of a colorful weekend in Istanbul and visiting the city for concerts and art events. Our guests preferring subway and Metrobus transportation can reach the hotel by walking for just a few minutes from stations. Our 24-hour concierge service is among the other preferred services of us. We organize concerts, culture and art events, sports competitions and special sightseeing tours for our guests. We try to provide quality service for our guests with our service of renting limo and high-class cars.We open the gateway to a refreshing journey at Day Spa in our hotel for those wanting to get rid of the fatigue and stress of a busy day.

Avantgarde Levent, pool

FTNnews: What is the most challenging thing about being a hotel general manager?
Hotel management is a tiresome and demanding job. It is fun as well as steals time from your private life. Loving what you do is the key to become a hotel manager.

A team consisting of employees that internalize your brand and making a distinction eliminates difficulties, while bringing quality to the top level.  

Teamwork is critical. It compensates for all the tiresome and stressful time to progress towards a target in an environment, where positive relations are built based on the same goal and enthusiasm together like a family.

With a great team serving flawlessly, success is inevitable if products are supported with high-level standards and if you analyze the market you are operating in thoroughly and renew yourself as well as act in accordance with charming and clear concepts, while managing to keep all these alive.