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Wearable electronics in travel industry

gglass-virginatlanticWearable electronics will be a trending topic within the travel and tourism industry.

The WTM Global Trends Report 2014, which is released on the first day of the World Travel Market 2014 also stated that wearable electronics will become an important tool for always-connected consumers to receive notifications and make bookings.

Google Glass and Apple Watch are the most talked-about new wearable technologies today.

Google Glass was developed by Google X, the facility within Google devoted to technological advancements such as driverless cars. Google Glass is smart eyewear that helps you get exactly what you want, in the moment. For example, with the sound of your voice, you can take hands-free photos by saying "Okay Glass, take a picture." You can upload them to Twitter and Facebook and attached a caption, all with voice commands.

You can see flight information automatically beam to your eye with a gentle Google Now reminder the day before traveling. Additionally, you can get weather information for both your departure and destination cities, and directions to the airport. All of this data appeared in the top right corner of your vision, all without the need to take out your smartphone. Itesso will offer a Google Glass assisted hotel check-in solution, Starwood Hotels & Resorts already introduced a new SPG app for Google Glass. Airlines and airports are continuing to trial Google Glass. Virgin Atlantic staff is set to use hi-tech Google Glass headsets to scan flyers' passports and will also use mini-printers to print off boarding passes. Passengers could see check-in times cut as staff use hi-tech Google Glass headsets to scan flyers' passports.

Apple unveiled its first foray into wearable technology in September 2014. The Apple Watch (not the iWatch), is an Apple-made smartwatch. The Apple Watch was announced during Apple's 9 September iPhone 6 event. Apple Watch will enable you to communicate in new ways right from your wrist and will include comprehensive health and fitness apps. The watch comes in three distinct collections — Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport, and Apple Watch Edition — available in two different sizes. “Apple introduced the world to several category-defining products, the Mac, iPod, iPhone, and iPad,” said Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO. “And once again Apple is poised to captivate the world with a revolutionary product that can enrich people’s lives. It’s the most personal product we’ve ever made.” Apple Watch will be available in early 2015. The Apple Watch isn't waterproof, so don't expect to be able to wear it while swimming or showering.


With the Apple Watch you can make a range of hands-free functions, such as Siri-assisted search and voice texting. You'll be able to access your calendar, see the weather forecast, receive notifications, send an audio recording or convert an audio recording to text using dictation, ask Siri questions, take a look through your favorite photos, view Maps and get directions. Starwood's new SPG app, which will let guests unlock rooms with their iPhone, is already designed to be Apple Watch-compatible. The American Airlines app on Apple Watch reminds you when it’s time to head to the airport via pre-trip notifications, and provides updates for gate changes, connecting gate info upon arrival, and will notify you when boarding begins if you’re not at the gate yet. Travelers can also ask ‘Where am I?’ in-flight and get real-time location information at 30,000 ft. will soon bring you more information about other wearable technologies that are important for travel and tourism industry.



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