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Handheld better than wearable electronics

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My last 'Spotlight' subject was about wearable electronic devices. I have mentioned about the Google Glass and The Apple Watch that are the most talked-about new wearable technologies today.

In the article, which you may read here, I have mentioned that Starwood Hotels & Resorts and Virgin Atlantic are already started using Google Glass.

Google said on Thursday, Jan. 15, it would end its Explorer program for Glass and stop selling the current version to consumers. What will happen now? What it means for the industry?

I have no chance to use and experience a Google Glass, I don’t know if my thoughts will change if I tried at least once but what I believe is that Google Glass will not make a difference if it doesn’t have more sophisticated features than portable devices such as smart phones.

I think another handicap is that it is not so easy to wear off and keep it somewhere secure. For instance, you want to check weather temperature of your travel destinations, you can take out your smartphone from your pocket, check temperature with your weather app and after you can place it securely into your pocket again. In Google Glass situation, you either need to wear it until you come work/home or you need to carry an additional bag.

knight rider watch talkThe Apple Watch has not such a disadvantage since wearing a watch was an essential piece of your wardrobe especially before mobile phones enter into our world.

Therefore wearing an Apple Watch from morning till night is not a big deal.

If Apple Watch will make communication between people right from your wrist; similar to Michael who communicates with KITT at 1980s famous TV series Knight Rider, then Apple Watch will be a game-changer in electronics industry.



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