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MasterCard announced that ten top Latin America destination cities should be receiving 15.4 million international visitors in 2013.
Mexico CityMasterCard launched its third annual Global Destination Cities Index, a ranking and forecast of international visitor arrivals and their spend in top destination cities.

These visitors are estimated to spend US$ 14.7 billion throughout the year, over half of this spend will be in just three cities: Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires and Mexico City.

Topping the rank as top destination city in the region in terms of international visitor arrivals is Mexico City with 3.1 million international visitor arrivals estimated for 2013, followed by Buenos Aires (2.6 million), São Paulo (2.4 million), Lima (1.8 million), San Jose (1.4 million), Rio de Janeiro (1.4 million), Bogota (0.9 million), Montevideo (0.7 million), Quito (0.6 million) and Caracas (0.5 million).

Lima and Rio de Janeiro are also amongst the top 20 global destination cities with the fastest growth rates in international visitor arrival over a four year span (2009 – 2013), with 79.7% and 59.6% growth respectively.

In this third edition of the Index, results show that although Mexico City was ranked number one in terms of international visitors, it’s not where visitors will spend the most. Sao Paulo ranked number one in terms of international visitor spend (bumping Buenos Aires from the top spot in 2012) with an estimated US$ 2.9 billion versus US$2.2 billion for Mexico City.

Where are Latin Americans traveling to?

The study indicated that Latin Americans are travelling mostly to the United States. Miami is expected to receive 992,000 visitors from São Paulo, Caracas and Buenos Aires throughout 2013. Also, during 2013, travelers from São Paulo only should be spending US$941 million in Miami.

New York will receive an estimated 733,000 visitors from Sao Paulo and 393,000 from Buenos Aires in 2013, with an estimated spend of US$ 2.4 billion. Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires are amongst the top five origin/feeder cities for New York, ranking 3rd and 5th respectively.

The MasterCard Index of Global Destination Cities ranks cities in terms of the number of their total international visitor arrivals and the cross-border spending by these same visitors in the destination cities, and gives visitor and passenger growth forecasts for 2013.

LAC rankings for the 2013 Global Destination Cities Index

·         Topping the charts as destination cities from the region by international overnight visitors are: 1) Mexico City, Mexico; 2) Buenos Aires, Argentina; 3) São Paulo, Brazil; 4) Lima, Peru; 5) San Jose, Costa Rica; 6) Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; 7) Bogota, Colombia; 8) Montevideo, Uruguay; 9) Quito, Ecuador; and 10) Caracas, Venezuela.

·         The top five origin cities for top Latin America destination city, Mexico City, are all in the United States: 1) Miami (324,000 visitors); 2) New York (301,000 visitors); 3) Los Angeles (284,000 visitors); Houston (223,000 visitors); and 5) Dallas (211,000 visitors).

The top ten destination cities in Latin America by international visitor spend are: 1) São Paulo, Brazil; 2) Buenos Aires, Argentina; 3) Mexico City, Mexico; 4) Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; 5) Lima, Peru; 6) San Jose, Costa Rica; 7) Bogota, Colombia; 8) Caracas, Venezuela ; 9) Montevideo, Uruguay; and 10) Quito, Ecuador.

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