TAT Unveils Marketing Action Plan 2014

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The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) Action Plan for 2014 was officially released to the private sector and global media.

TAT has set a 2014 target of 28.01 million international tourist arrivals, generating estimated foreign exchange revenue of 1.326 trillion Baht, up 13% over 2013. For the domestic market, TAT set a target of 136.8 million trips, generating estimated of 700 billion Baht for tourism income, up by 9% over 2013. This means that for the first time in the history of Thai tourism, the TAT is target total earnings of two trillion Baht from both domestic and foreign visitors.

TAT Governor Suraphon Svetasreni said, “Finalising the 2014 marketing plan has been a particularly challenging exercise in view of all the phenomenal and monumental changes taking place both worldwide, regionally, and locally within Thailand, in customer demographics as well as the way the industry does business.

“Because Thailand is blessed with an unmatched geographical advantage, and numerous other strengths which have served us well over the years, we had to find ways of adapting our strategies to take advantage of our strengths and address some of the looming weaknesses. We think this plan does that.”

The Governor said that “Thainess” and “balance” will be the key words driving strategies in the future. This will apply to target customer segments, source markets, earnings and sustainability. He identified some of the other key points of the plan thus:

·         To focus on the core theme of “Higher Revenue through Thainess.” The TAT will attract tourists with the Charm of Thainess, which include Thai Experience, Thai Way of Life, and Thai Culture.

·         To emphasise “Thainess;” Thainess to the World, Thainess Through Celebs, Thainess Connected.

·         To raise awareness of Thailand as a “Quality Destination” with a broad diversity of experiences that contribute to visitors’ “happiness.”

·         To balance the source markets and refocus the customer segments to high-end markets.

·         To reduce visitor congestion in the popular destinations, better balance the distribution of visitors nationwide and boost connectivity with AEC countries.

·         Balance the tourism season by promoting travel in the low season and promoting Green Tourism in order to lower the environmental impact of high visitor arrivals.

·         Use new technology to develop the TAT’s Social Customer Relationship as a marketing tool to boost opportunities for visitors to network and share the experience of Thainess.

·         To use travel and tourism as a means of creating awareness of love for Thailand.

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