New ‘Affordable Seychelles’ campaign hits London Underground

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As the cold weather gets underway in the United Kingdom, commuters in London will be able to indulge in the warmth and natural beauty that is the Seychelles islands, as depicted by the new posters that will grace the city next week.

The Seychelles Tourist Office in UK is starting a new ‘Affordable Seychelles’ campaign on Monday 23rd September, in a bid to reach commuters who go through the London Underground.

Posters carrying the ‘Luxury within reach’ message will be displayed in 81 stations in London and the South East of UK, reaching out to a mix of commuters who use the tube daily. Of these stations, 42 are considered major, three premier and the remaining 36 are standard sites.

The poster of a Coco-de-mer nut, which is unique to Seychelles and grows in the UNESCO World Heritage Site on the island of Praslin, will carry the message with a number of photos depicting the undeniably beautiful weather and idyllic beaches on one side of the nut. The other half of the nut remains bare and in its natural state.

The Seychelles Tourist Office said it had gone for a unique ‘asset’ to showcase the destination because it wanted to move away from what its competitors are doing, that is selling their beach only and not putting emphasis on things that are unique and would draw attention to their product.

“Seychelles is primarily known for its spectacular beaches but we also want potential visitors to know about the multitude of our treasures, our national heritage, which will entice them more to visit our islands,” said the manager for the Seychelles Tourist Office, Tinaz Wadia.

Ms Wadia said she was positive that the campaign will further increase the visibility of the destination in highlighting to the consumers that “Seychelles is indeed affordable and within reach”.

“The ‘Luxury within reach’ tagline will depict another side of Seychelles that people are unaware of and deemed elusive – highlighting that one can afford luxury in Seychelles on an affordable budget. Despite being an exclusive destination, Seychelles also caters very largely to those on smaller budgets and who are looking for the authentic Seychelles experience,” said Ms Wadia.

The campaign will run for two weeks and will be backed up with an online campaign which includes websites for publications like The Mail, Standard, Metro and Independent.

Bates JPW Creative, the company running the campaign on behalf of Seychelles, said it is delighted to be representing such a luxurious destination.

“We hope to entice people to the wonderful world of the Seychelles Islands by showcasing their unique assets whilst also acknowledging that it is an ‘affordable travel experience’,” said Fleur McNally, Business Development Director at Bates JPW Creative.

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