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Within recent decade it is evident that ‘the global Travel & Tourism Industry (TTI) is firmly growing’ and both UNWTO & WTTC are performing perfect guidance for all Countries. But we need the necessity of a clear expression as; Within the efforts of these esteemed NGO’s, an important message has not been yet understood and/or taken in due consideration by the ‘related parties and TTI stakeholders’ of the World.

This unrealized vital message is “the Governments to give due attention at supporting measures for healthy growth of National TTI, within the concepts of ‘public-private’ partnership and NGO Governance” in effect. Following the related developments on global scale, we can clearly identify this missing dialogue, which covers a vital importance of attaining a balanced and prosperous efficient growth of TTI, within all Nations.

In fact, this is not only a matter of the tourism related economies but the whole nations, since today with the rise of TTI, every single national government are closely interested by tourism economy on macro scale. But because the TTI is very complex and growing at a fast pace, even the developed formations of World TTI can hardly follow the variances and cannot succeed in adaptation of standard techniques & measures.


Here, we have a top theme which is a perfect example of this situation on Global TTI Daily concern. This is simply the ‘TT share transfer of West to East’ which was expected to be realized within this current decade. It was clearly declared by the experts that ‘Asian destinations will grow faster and take important pieces of pie from the European shares’ which is actually in the process of effective realization within these years.

Of course, the ‘big brother NGOs’ have also given figures on the magnitude for this event. But since this is a sensational change with top commercial effects that will be realized as a ‘global warming’ impact, here we are presenting a short-cut analysis covering the main details. Actually the original World destinations are classified in 12 regions, where we simplified this into 4 and analyzed what actually happens in 2 decades.

The following Table is giving extraordinary clues on the Dynamic TTI Analysis of 181 Countries within a 20 Years perspective. Actually the source of 181x30 Years matrices can give more details but we are focused on the main theme only. The top flash is the ‘realization of %11,5 Share transfer from “Europe/Americas (WEST)” to “Asia/Africa-ME (EAST)” where major part of this %10 received by 32 Asia/Oceania Countries.

wttc glbl

The most impressive results of this analysis can be summarized as: Within the current decade, the global tourism receipts are expected to grow by %85, where Western destinations are expected to realize a growth below this average, resulting a net transfer of 1,5 BnUSD share from the West to the East. The major of this to be received by Asian and lion’s share goes to forthcoming ‘Eight Tigers’ of the rising Asia.

These are listed with the priorities as follows; CHINA (%50), JAPAN (%17), INDIA (%10), AUSTRALIA (%7), INDONESIA (%4), S.KOREA (%3), TAIWAN (%2), PHILIPPINES (%1). The respective percentages of these Countries varifies the internal distribution of the current decade’s shares of 13,4 BnUSD in total. China is the absolute Leader of 8Tigers enjoying a 5,2BnUSD jump from the recent, to 6,6Bn onthecurrent decade.

Within total Asian perspective, the rest of 24 Countries’ share is only %7 of the current decade, where MALYSIA, THAILAND, NEW ZEALAND, PAKISTAN are the further 4 countries in this queue. It should be considered that, at present the 3 years of ‘current decade’ has been realized and these figures were the estimated projections of WTTC on 2012 report, where more recent delicate analyses must be expected.


Within recent years, it is all evident that World is becoming more compact in size but with further more activated tourism populations and far more rising interests on TTI operations, closely interrelated with a complex set of boiling competitions. In parallel to the realized details of change factors, it is also certain that ‘the Supply and Demand shall meet at more hot and critical ways’ that requires far more carefulness.

This delicate and vital reality should be rather concentrated within ‘macro TTI concepts’ of National levels of proficiency, since company sized energetic efforts are constantly exercised. Because the rise of Global TT and related rate of interactive services production will boom, much more attention is needed for the delicate health of TTI to be provided. Within these increasing perspectives, there is much work to cover!

Returning to the previously mentioned point of ‘Governments to be more conscious on TTI matters’ is now more critical, that ‘they must do their homework far better than before’ to provide more efficiency for the benefits of all of the parties in concern. We underline the ‘new tourism’ fact that; TT was seen as a ‘narrow sector’ and now this approach must be changed into ‘multi sectoral industry’ in need of high coordination.

In order to facilitate these ‘recently arising concepts and procedures’ to be effectively built and rapidly realized, we also wish to call the attention of UNWTO Authorities on the recent concept of Destination Management Organization (DMO) which has been softened within last 5 years. It is a reality that, this was very hard to inject initially but with this pace of development, now it is the time to recampaign this facility.

A final but vitally important approach is “the macro economic effect of TTI” on the National Economies. Because tourism can hardly be defined as a particular sector, the Governments are widely considering only the ‘foregn exchange earnings’ within their budgets or balance sheet national tables. As it is perfectly reported with WTTC-TSA (T.Satelite Accounts) Statistics, they must realize this triple real macro effect.

We must also underline a didactic development that reflects the interactive character of TTI as; Recently West is very interested with Chinese Tourists, but CN will be World Leader of receipts within this change! The most success will come to those, who can best adapt to the rapid growth. Wishing more efficient and effective TTI Global growth, that generates more prosperous shares to all Nations in the nearest future.

Written by Zafer Cengiz

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