South Asian Tourism Federation

The Bangladesh International Tourism Fair was held between 21 and 23 May 2015 held at Dhaka. On the sidelines of the fair, a meeting was held and in presence of the participating countries members which unanimously declared “South Asian Tourism Federation Committee”.

Formed to develop tourism in South Asian Countries (SAARC) this committee is named “South Asian Tourism Federation”. Names of the committee will be submitted to Ministry of Foreign Affair’s SAARC secretariat and will comply with recommendations and this committee will work for the speedy development of zonal tourism.

On last 22nd May this committee was declared in meeting held at a Hotel in Dhaka. The meeting was arranged by Bangladesh International Hotel Association participated by the representatives India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bhutan and Bangladesh. The meeting was presided over by Mr. H.M. Hakim Ali, President, Bangladesh International Hotel Association.

Members present in the meeting unanimously nominated Mr. H. M. Hakim Ali of Bangladesh as Chairman, Vice-Chairman Mr. D.B. Limbu of Nepal Association of Tour & Travel Agent’s Chairman, General Secretary, Mr. Sonom Darjee of Bhutanese Tour Operators’ Executive Director and Finance Secretary Sangita Rana of Bhutan’s Hotel & Restaurant Association’s General Secretary were declared.

Bangladesh Inbound Tour Operators Association’s President Mr. Rezaul Ekram was also made convener forming Ad-hoc committee in the meeting.