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Survey reveals Top and Emerging Destinations for Weddings

weddingA survey conducted by Dubai based event organiser QnA revealed Top and Emerging Destinations to say 'YES'. Top destinations vary for couples in different geographic locations.

The global destination wedding industry is estimated at USD 80 billion, representing 27% of the global wedding industry which is valued at USD 298 billion. The biggest market contributing to the destination wedding industry is North America (NA), which contributes a whopping 30% or USD 24 billion to the market. The next big contributor is Asia, contributing 22% or USD 17.6 billion, followed by Europe’s 20% or 16.0 billion and South America’s 12% or USD 9.6 billion. Australia contributes 6% or USD 4.8 billion, and the Middle East (ME) and Africa contribute 5% or USD 4 billion each respectively.

Top geographic choices for destination weddings were again different across the surveyed geographic locations. Top and emerging destinations from each surveyed location revealed an interesting mix.

Geographic Location of Couples Top Destinations Emerging Destinations
North America New York, California, Mexico, Caribbean Islands, Italy, Spain, and Greece Peru, UK, Ireland, Amsterdam, Bali, UAE, India, Las Vegas and Marrakech
South America Mexico, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Hawaii, and St Lucia Italy, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Portugal, France, and Spain
Europe Italy, France, England, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Greece, Thailand, and Croatia Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Caribbean Islands, UAE, and Las Vegas
Africa Dubai, UK, South Africa, Mauritius, Seychelles, and Tanzania India, Italy, Spain, Thailand, and Australia
Middle East UAE (Dubai and Abu Dhabi), Lebanon, UK France, Saudi Arabia, Marrakesh, and Turkey Greece, Prague, Thailand, Spain, Italy, and South Africa
Asia Thailand, Mauritius, Sri Lanka, Singapore, India, and Hong Kong Vietnam, Italy, Turkey, UK, Bali, Macau, and Korea
Australia and New Zealand Singapore, Thailand, Bali, Fiji, New Zealand, Tahiti, and Australia Italy, Greece, Hawaii, France, Los Angeles, and Vietnam

A common trend across the locations surveyed was the appearance of European countries and cities as either top or emerging destinations, of these Italy, Greece, Spain and France were regular mentions across all locations surveyed.

Interestingly, Mexico tops the list of preferred destinations amongst couples from both North and South America.

In Asia, Thailand tops the list as the destination of choice for weddings, drawing clients from India, Hong Kong, and Australia amongst others.

When it comes to the Middle East, UAE and Turkey were recognised as leading destinations for couples from Middle East and Africa.

When it came to African couples UAE, UK, Mauritius and South Africa were the leading destinations of choice.

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