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Do you want to have a relaxed life? Better live in Asia

work life balanceStress is a major problem for many people today. If your life is full of stress, feel under pressure to be successful and make more money then you should consider moving to another continent; preferably to Asia, according to a new survey.

Many countries around the world have seen an increase in the number of their citizens who feel under pressure to be successful and make money.

Ipsos shared some results from its new MORI Global Trends Survey. Overall, the survey, conducted among online adults aged under 65 in 23 countries around the world, found on average 54% felt that they felt under a lot of pressure to be successful and make money, an increase of seven points on a like-for-like basis between 2014 and 2016.

Across the 23 countries, 81% believe that it is more important to have a good work-life balance. Germany tops the list.

ipsos work life balance

15 of the countries covered have seen a rise between 2014 and 2016 in the number of people feeling under pressure to be successful. All parts of the world are seeing an increase in their citizens feeling under pressure:

  • In Europe – Belgium (up 16 points), France (up 10), Sweden (up 10), Germany (up 8), Britain (up 7), Spain (up 6) and Italy (also up 6)
  • In North America – the United States (up 10) and Canada (up 8)
  • In Asia-Pacific –Australia (up 15), South Korea (up 11), and Japan (up 8)
  • In emerging economies in the rest of the world –Brazil (up 15), India (up 11) and South Africa (up 9).

Overall, emerging markets are more likely to feel under pressure than established economies (by 62% to 49% - especially in countries such as South Africa, India and China, compared with European countries such as Italy, Sweden, Spain and France), and younger generations (Millennials and Gen Z) are more likely to feel the pressure than older generations.

ipsos measure success

The desire for success even at the cost of personal disruption is highest in India, Mexico, South Africa, Peru and China, and lowest in Italy and Sweden, while material success is valued most in China, India, Turkey and Brazil, and least in Spain, Sweden, Britain and Canada (and Argentina). Younger generations, too – the Millennials and Gen Z – are more likely to say they measure success in material terms.

The 2017 Global Trends Survey is an Ipsos survey conducted with 18,180 adults aged 16-64 (in the US and Canada 18-64) between 12 September and 11 October 2016. This is the second wave of the Global Trends Survey – a previous version was run in 2013 with 20 countries and the report was published in 2014. The survey was carried out online using the Ipsos Online Panel System in 23 countries.

See the report here

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