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2016 Traveler spending injected $126 billion into California’s economy

SanFrancisco680As travel industry marked the first-ever California Tourism Month, Visit California revealed a story on the economic power of California tourism. The magic and whimsy of California – and the unmatched destinations and the many experiences it offers allure millions of visitors from around the world who inject billions into the economy.

By fueling a desire for the California experience around the world, Visit California’s global marketing campaigns inspire millions of people to visit the Golden State. A new economic report shows the latest impact of California tourism and travel, which is the state’s second largest export industry because the Golden State experience is a product we sell to visitors from other states and nations.

Traveler spending in 2016 injected a record $126 billion into the Golden State’s economy. Tourism in California generated $10.3 billion in tax revenue and supported 1.1 million jobs last year, further solidifying tourism’s role as a key economic driver for the Golden State. The report also reveals that 2016 marks the seventh consecutive year of growth for the Golden State’s travel and tourism industry. California traveler spending grew 3.2 percent, out-indexing the nation by nearly a percentage point.

The report – using data on the statewide and local economic impacts of tourism in California from 1992 to 2016 – shows that in the past 25 years, travelers in California have spent nearly $2.16 trillion, created more than 410,000 jobs, and generated more than $165.3 billion in local and state tax revenues.

“This report shows that tourism is a powerhouse that generates community benefits and economic value for all Californians,” said Visit California President and CEO Caroline Beteta. “California Tourism Month provides an opportunity to celebrate tourism as an important pillar of our economy, and highlight an effective and dynamic industry that remains a vital asset in all regions of the state.”

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