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sex toys women travelerA new survey asked US women travelers which sex-related items they're most likely to travel with and reveal their top concerns when doing so.

According to the 'Sex Toys and Travel' survey commissioned by epi24, the makers of the Womanizer 2Go, a discrete stimulator known for its 60 second orgasm, women are becoming far more adventurous when it comes to traveling and sex. 67% say they are most likely to bring sexy lingerie on vacation while 47% travel with lube. 36% of respondents confess their sex toy is a must-have when traveling meanwhile 18% admitted to packing sex restraints such as handcuffs.

"The survey indicates women are comfortable traveling with sex toys and other personal accessories, but it also indicates women don't need a romantic getaway to spice things up," said Ryan Poirier, Vice President of epi24. "Kudos to women for taking charge – you never know when the mood will strike."

Timing is Everything

When asked when they believe the best occasion is to pack a sex toy, respondents ranked the following:

  1. Weekend Getaway (64%)
  2. Valentine's Day (42%)
  3. Summer Vacation (40%)
  4. Winter Holiday (35%)

Flying Under the Radar

Traveling with discretion through airport security is just as important as being prepared. 55% believe a discrete appearance and packaging is the most important feature in a sex toy, meanwhile, 18% said size is a factor and 12% were most concerned with noise level.

"Getting through airport security with an adult toy or personal accessories is enough to get your heart racing, but having a family member discover your sex toy can also be awkward. That's why we've designed the Womanizer 2Go," concluded Poirier

The survey also found 65% of women would be embarrassed to have a family member discover their sex toy over a coworker, stranger or roommate.

434 US women (18 years or older) participated in the epi24: Sex Toys and Travel survey conducted online during the month of June 2017.

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