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Mexico tourism is under threat, 10000 gallons of illegal alcohol seized

cocktails by the beachFollowing a number of violent crimes in the most important tourist destinations in México, Mexican authorities swept through 31 resorts, restaurants and nightclubs in Cancun and Playa del Carmen in recent days, suspending operations at least two locations for unsanitary alcohol and have seized 10,000 gallons of illicit alcohol from a company which they did not release its name.

One of the two suspended places is the lobby bar in the Iberostar Paraiso Maya, a resort in the complex where Abbey Conner, a 20-year-old Wisconsin woman, blacked out in a swimming pool and drowned in shallow water while on vacation with her family in January. Her brother; Austin, who was with her, has also passed out in the water. He said ABC News, “The bartender pours out a line of shots, and I take one, and everyone else does. And the last thing I remember was like we are right now, sitting here talking, and lights went out. And I woke up in the ambulance.”

Details of a broader government crackdown on counterfeit alcohol are expected next month.

Mexican officials, according to ABC, have reported seizing 1.4 million gallons of tainted alcohol from Mexican businesses – including resorts, bars, warehouses, and manufacturers – over the last seven years.

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